Why Teamwork Is Important To Tackle Relationship Issues

by Alexandra CraciunSeptember 1, 2022

Teamwork is one of the best things a relationship can have and it’s widely known how important it is, but do you know why?

To be successful in any area of life, you need the right team of people. Relationships are no exception; they can be challenging and, at times, difficult to handle.

Teamwork is essential to tackle relationship problems because it helps you address them early on when they are still manageable. Moreso, it brings partners together and strengthens their bond.

When you and your partner collaborate as team members, you end up solving more problems than you would’ve on your own.

Teamwork and relationships

What do teamwork and relationships have in common? Many things, actually. By definition, they’re both activities that require cooperation between two or more people to achieve a goal.

But there’s more to teamwork than meets the eye. You don’t have to be part of a formal work team to experience the value of team spirit.

It can also help improve communication and better your relationship at home.

Your relationship will grow through the times you have given and received support.

There will always be times when one or both of you need help, and by working together, it can be easier to tackle these problems.

You can walk hand and hand with the other person down this road that is life. By being there for each other, you are constantly strengthening your relationship.

Having a good relationship is hard work.

Although many couples out there may look like they have the so-called golden relationship, the truth is that most of them are not problem-free.

It’s a relief to know that you’re not alone in this case, but having a good relationship takes a lot of integrity and hard work.

Because relationships can never be perfect, work is an essential aspect of teamwork that is not to be overlooked.

Friendship, love, collegiality – all of these things need action and commitment, and not just empty words.

Tips to be a good team player

There will always be times when life challenges you and tests your bond. Sticking together during these moments is what counts.

Being a team player means considering other people’s needs, having uncomfortable conversations, troubleshooting to solve a conflict, and stepping up when the situation calls for it.

The important part is to work together, no matter what you bring to the table. We all have our own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Teamwork can be present in every aspect or time of your life, not just when conflict arises.

How do you become a team player?

  • Turn Towards instead of Away
  • Foster a deep friendship with your partner
  • Get to know your partner
  • Meet your partner half-way
    See your part in any issue or conflict
  • Compromise regularly
  • Find ways to build and rebuild your bond
  • What are the advantages of teamwork?
  • It creates shared meaning.

Like in an organizational setting, you have to work towards a common goal with your partner. That means creating shared meaning with them.

In a nutshell, shared meaning is a mix of values, activities, goals, visions, dreams, and rituals that you share with your partner to give purpose to your relationship and foster deep connections.

It promotes a “we’re in this together” attitude.

Teamwork makes you feel like your partner is with you in this and not on the other side of the barricade.

Life is unpredictable enough as is, so you might as well have someone to sail the waves with.

It’s also a repellent for feelings of loneliness and creates a sense of belonging.

Research has shown that feelings of loneliness can lead to adverse physical and mental health outcomes.

And because the most dangerous and insidious type of loneliness is the one you feel amidst people (even the ones closest to you), its effects are the most destructive.

It strengthens the trust.

Trust generally has to be earned; you can’t expect somebody to just trust you without giving them a reason to.

The good news is that you can promote it by regularly practicing team play.

And fostering trust is essential because it is a solid buffer for interpersonal conflicts and fights in the relationship.

More heads equal more solutions to potential issues.

When we work in partnership, we get more done than when we work alone.

One of the reasons why teamwork is essential in tackling relationship issues is because it gives us a better perspective of the issues at hand and how we can resolve them.

In a conflictual situation, one party tends to be hot-tempered, and the other level-headed.

Of course, there’s that situation when both people are storming against each other. But most of the time, partners balance themselves out, and each has a unique contribution to conflict resolution.

It fosters a deep and meaningful friendship.

When partners work as a team, it results in better communication, listening skills, trust, respect, and loyalty.

As a result, they also treat each other more kindly, compassionately, and with regard.

Research emphasizes how support networks, such as friendships, can promote longevity and quality of life.

The critical ingredient for a solid, meaningful, and deep relationship is friendship. When there is friendship, your relationship can withstand anything that lay in its way.

Teamwork promotes ways to manage conflict better.

We respond to criticism and contempt with defensiveness or stonewalling. We criticize and insult because we sometimes don’t have the skills to be truly assertive and express our wants.

Teamwork means reacting in ways that bring conflict resolution, not turmoil. That is, having “good conflicts” is more vital than eliminating them.

It turns out that there is a right way to fight.

Collaboration, mutualism, and reciprocation

Better teamwork leads to greater cooperation, often leading to positive outcomes for both parties involved.

The concept of reciprocity is strongly linked to mutually beneficial gains in most situations.

Collaboration is essential to our survival, and it also makes us thrive. It seems that more often than not when we think of ourselves as a collective, we all win.

Teamwork creates these feelings of love and friendship within our relationships and leads to greater collaboration with our teams or organizations.

The more we give, the more we receive back, which increases collaboration even further. So it’s a never-ending circle of giving.

And doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

Together we stand

Good teamwork needs a good amount of compromise (not to be confused with self-sacrifice) and flexibility.

These two elements are necessary for any relationship, whether romantic or not because they can prevent a breakdown or conflict from occurring.

That further reduces tension and stress within relationships.

When conflict arises, team playing encourages us to compromise and listen to the needs of others. Working together as a team can help people feel more connected to others and themselves.

One thing’s for sure: It is through and inside our relationships that we heal, grow and find new meaning, not outside of them.

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