What Is The Easiest Way To File A Divorce?

by Maria MagleoAugust 19, 2022

Filing for a traditional divorce can be an overcomplicated, messy and pricey process.

The problem is, some individuals are scared to face divorce because the freedom and healing they’re looking for are not worth that huge effort and trouble.

This is because a lot of people fail to recognize or acknowledge that there is another option to consider when filing for divorce, and it might just be the easiest way there is.

Traditional Divorce Vs Online Divorce

If you are already set on filing for a divorce but are skeptical about the process, you might want to check all possible options.

You see, technology has now become a substantial part of society and almost everything can be done using our phones and other gadgets for easy access.

And so, even filing for divorce, a previously tedious and laborious process, has become easy and practical.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce but you’re still not sure if doing it online is better than the traditional way, let me share with you a rundown of their differences.

Traditional Divorce

Just thinking about it will surely make someone feel overwhelmed.

Of course, it requires lots of paperwork, finding the right lawyer, spending a lot of money, and doing numerous exhausting visits to your lawyer’s office. 

Let’s say that you and your spouse do not have any major issues like disagreements in property division or your child’s custody. 

Even when it’s considered as an uncontested divorce, hiring a lawyer is still necessary to review the agreements and to make sure that everything is fair for you and your spouse.

But one lawyer cannot represent both you and your spouse because of ethical principles and the fact that both of you have different interests.

Hiring a lawyer is also better just in case the agreement is not being followed and you need someone to fight for you.

Additionally, considering all the requirements and the time-consuming process of a traditional divorce, an estimation of the total cost would be around $15,000 or more.

Not only will you feel exhausted after all these filing, processing, and attending court hearings, but you will also feel the burden of its financial requirements.

Online Divorce

If the traditional process doesn’t sound like your scene, you might want to consider online divorce and check out its benefits.

While traditional divorce can be very painful and draining, doing it online can be hassle-free and is in favor of your personal life.

Let me tell you why:

You can spend your time on more important things. 

Of course, who would want to waste time doing divorce-related things when you can just use it to heal yourself, right?

In online divorce, there is no need for you to sacrifice your time in filling out forms and filing them or in finding a good lawyer for legal advice. 

This is because their online experts will be the ones to do all the filing for you. Hence, you can use this opportunity to spend quality time with your kids or do your job uninterrupted.

Additionally, online divorce won’t need the help of a lawyer because they’ll already help you and your spouse in settling all necessary agreements.

But, in some cases where a lawyer is still needed to do some mediation, you still won’t have to worry about the paperwork because they can help in passing them on to your lawyer.

The processing is usually 100% online, which means that all the necessary information and papers you provided are already saved and stored in their database.

Online divorce is not that costly

As I mentioned, lawyers won’t be needed when you do online divorce. That alone can help you save lots of money.

Furthermore, online platforms offer divorce services, plans, or packages available based on the needs and budgets of the clients.

The possibility of no court hearings

Because online divorce helps with settling agreements, some couples will no longer have to go to court.

However, this is only applicable to those who live in states that are not mandating divorce court visits.

How Does Online Divorce Really Work?

Online divorce has a step-by-step process that is easier to understand and to follow compared to traditional divorce.

To give you an idea of how it’s done, here is a preview of the online process:

  1. Creating an online profile. This includes providing personal information and other relevant information about your marriage.
  2. Include your spouse and negotiate. All important issues such as child custody, assets and debts, and property division must be discussed by both parties and come to an agreement.
  3. Filing of divorce forms. After the agreements, necessary documents must be completed first, and then the online divorce providers will file the forms on your behalf.
  4. Serving your spouse. A copy of the paperwork will be given to the spouse who did not file for divorce petition so they can review and sign the papers.

After following all these steps, your divorce is already on its way to being finalized!

Is Online Divorce For You And Your Spouse?

Although online divorce sounds promising because of its hassle and stress-free services, it’s not recommended for all married couples opting for divorce.

Bear in mind that online divorce is only applicable to uncontested divorce; hence, if you feel like you and your spouse have extreme differences in terms of interests, then it’s not for you.

Online divorce is only for those married couples who are willing to compromise and have mutual agreements on the major issues surrounding the divorce.

Additionally, it’s only meant for a no-fault ground on divorce, which means that there should be no allegations on either party of faults such as infidelity or domestic abuse.

And, of course, the divorce must be a mutual decision between the couple, and there should be no other possible reason for one spouse to contest the divorce.

Choosing The Right Online Divorce Provider

Divorce can indeed become messy, so you might want to make sure that the online divorce provider you choose is the right one for you.

First of all, you must consider your location because not all online divorce providers handle cases in every state. 

So, if you find a provider that matches your needs, double-check if your state is included in their list.

Also, take into consideration the range of services they are offering and the cost of their plans or packages because they might not be able to meet your standards.

You will see a lot of online divorce providers when you try to Google them but I suggest you check It’s Over Easy to review their offerings and read their highly informative articles.

Aside from a wide range of divorce features that are being offered for an affordable price, their success rate is over 95%, giving you the confidence that you’re in good hands!


Divorce can be overwhelming knowing that it can take up too much of your time and money, on top of the paperwork.

This may be why some married people stay in broken marriages despite its negative effects on their mental well-being.

But times have changed, and almost everything can now be easily accessed online, including divorce!

It’s hassle-free, less time-consuming, and way cheaper than traditional divorce. And is by far the easiest way to file a divorce.

And because it’s online and doesn’t require the mediation of a lawyer, both parties must have the willingness to do uncontested divorce and file for a no-fault ground.

If you feel like online divorce is for you, go give it a try!

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