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We have a variety of writers with the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the complicated nature of relationships and marriage. All of our content creators are thoroughly vetted for credibility and lack of gender bias.

Picture of Alexandra Craciun, a featured author on Worried Lovers

Alexandra Craciun

Expertise: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Relationships

Alexandra is not only an experienced practitioner of psychology & psychotherapy, she's also an amazing writer! We can come to her when we need the complicated turned to simple. Her professional experience in dealing with interpersonal relationships gives her unique insight into those tough situations.

Ellen Evans, an author for Worried Lovers

Ellen Evans

Expertise: Psychotherapy, Relationships, Meditation

Ellen offers a diverse set of experience dating back 20 years! With a Masters in Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Counseling & Creative Writing, she's able to deliver expert knowledge in crafty ways. Her academic experience is complimented by her expertise in meditation & mindfulness practices. 

Picture of Maria Magleo, an author featured on Worried Lovers

Maria Magleo

Expertise: Psychology, Relationships

Don't let Maria's youthful image fool you! During her teenage years, she developed an exceptional love for psychology which drove her to pursue her graduate studies in the field. As a 27 year old writer, we turn to her whenever we need tough topics millennials and gen-z can relate to.