The Difference Between Online Divorce & Local Divorce

by Khryss AustriaJune 21, 2022

The internet has made many processes faster and easier, and this includes divorce as well, now we can choose between online or local divorce.

But divorcing is something most of us have never dreamed of experiencing first-hand.

Saying it’s a difficult feat is an understatement. The physical, mental, and psychological exhaustion a couple has to go through with it is incomparable.

Not to mention its legal process can be tedious and stressful. I can’t imagine having to stand strong and do all the necessary work while your world is going upside down.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost, unsure of where to start, take heart. I’m here to lead you through the process and help you understand your options.

Let’s talk about how you can go through with this.

So, local or online divorce? Which one is the best?

Online Divorce

Online divorce is now possible. Thanks to the technological advancements and continuous rise of the digital world, you can now get divorced anywhere over the internet.

Gone are the days when couples had to go on long queues to arrange and finalize their decision. Everything can now be done virtually in the comforts of your home.

The first thing you should do is find the best online divorce services for you, and they’ll be able to assist you head-on. The processes usually depend on the online platform you choose.

Regardless, online divorce companies provide an easier way for your marriage to come to a sensible and civilized end. This is without constraining both your time and finances.

So, if you’re going through or are contemplating getting a divorce, here are 5 reasons why online divorce may be the perfect way to go.

  1. Less likely to be contested.
  2. Quick and straightforward.
  3. Saves money.
  4. Straightforward paperwork.
  5. Less time in courtrooms.

Going into depth:

1. Online divorce is less likely to be contested.

The sooner you decide to process your divorce online, the sooner you can finalize it. 

The key here is to talk to your spouse first or reach a mutual agreement regarding how the divorce should go. 

Note that only couples who could settle their key issues, including properties, financial support, child custody, or co-parenting, can avail of these services. 

If you could agree on these terms, all you have to do is fill up the forms and let the waiting period pass. This process will take as early as six months only! 

There is no need to spend so much time looking for lawyers, meeting with them, and waiting for the court dates. You are entirely in control of your time. 

2. It keeps the divorce quick and straightforward.

Regardless of the reason, going through a divorce is undeniably a painful time. And having to go through all those emotions and fighting over and over again makes it worse. 

But you don’t have to face those again anymore as online divorce services can do most of the legwork for you for a much harmonious parting instead of its local counterpart. 

This gives you more time and enough space to take care of yourself and process your thoughts. 

Should you need support from coaches and paralegals, the platforms can also assist you with that. Overall, it’s hassle-free and relatively easy.

3. Why it saves money.

Online divorces don’t necessarily require attorneys to represent you. 

Lawyers are among the heftiest fees in local divorces, costing up to $12,800! Not to mention you’d have to pay for other legal expenses. 

Don’t fall into the money-pit and save your resources for the aftermath of the DIY online divorce process. 

For as low as $2,500, the right online platform can guide you and your spouse through the entire divorce process.

4. Most of the paperwork is taken care of for you.

Online divorce services allow couples to deal on their own terms. In addition, they provide automated forms both for you and your partner to reduce the risk of making mistakes on the paperwork. 

These platforms will also be handling the consolidation of both parties’ judgments and settle them into a fair agreement. 

The forms are also likely to be sent to you via email or delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours!

5. It keeps you away from courtrooms.

Lastly, this can keep you away from the chaos of the courthouse. You don’t have to see your spouse in front of a judge and bring each other down. 

Instead, you can both take your time and answer the form without outside pressure.

Local Divorce

This is the traditional type of divorce wherein you have to handle everything from looking for legal counsel and filing to serving your spouse and going to the courtroom for settlement. 

This type of divorce is usually preferred by those couples who can’t seem to come up with a final mutual agreement. So let’s take a look at its benefits.

  1. Professional legal counsel
  2. Thorough negotiation
  3. Long-established

Going in-depth:

1. You will have a lawyer by your side.

Lawyers allow you to get the most out of your dying marriage and will be active every step of the way. They are determined to defend your rights and more when necessary. 

This way, you wouldn’t even have to get connected with your spouse throughout the procedure as your attorney will take care of whatever is needed on the other’s end.

2. A lengthy yet In-depth consideration of the agreement.

Local divorce can last for about 17 months due to important reasons. 

Aside from going through endless court hearings, you will have to plan your strategy regarding your terms. 

Having legal counsel by your side allows you to better understand where you stand in the case. 

You will be able to fully understand the gravity of your every action, which can help you put up a better fight on assets and custody.

3. It’s traditional.

When it comes to divorce, traditional methods are not that important. What matters is getting things done. However, if you feel safer going with the traditional route, that is fine.

Since local divorce has been available for as long as we can remember, this approach is the most certified process of ending your marriage. 

It’s much familiar to the public, making it the usual first option of many.

It’s All Up To You.

Remember that whether you should opt for online or local divorce depends upon your situation and your preferences. 

Ask yourself if you want a swift and affordable way out or you want to take it slow and have your day in court. Either way, I hope you find what’s best for you and your family.

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