Should You Get Revenge On Someone Who Cheated On You?

by Daphne GarrettMay 19, 2022

Revenge. In fiction, it’s so nice to see. Watching someone get their punishment from the protagonist who they have wronged feels good and may cause you to ask yourself: “Is it ok to get payback for an affair?”.

In reality, revenge is a little more complicated. Chances are, someone has wronged you before, and the fantasy of getting your revenge has crossed your mind.

It might have caused trust issues in future relationships. Whether you want to get revenge directly or if it’s the idea of that person facing karma, the concept feels so satisfying.

Especially if you’ve been cheated on, cheating is an action that betrays your trust. You have spent a long time loving this person, only for them to cheat on you.

So the idea of getting them back by revenge cheating seems like an obvious one.

Of course, there’s a good argument to be had that two wrongs don’t make a right. That revenge may feel good for a bit, but then it just makes you feel empty.

Or that you may spend so much time on revenge that you stop thinking about more important things.

Either way, there’s a good argument to be made for both.

Usually, the best way to get revenge on a cheater is to improve yourself.

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Is Revenge Cheating Okay? Or Should You Try This Instead…

They say the best revenge for cheating is living your best life. The person who wronged you will feel worse seeing you happy than if you are angry and trying to be vengeful.

Improving yourself can come in many forms, including…

Improving Your Body

We believe that you should want to improve your body for your health and your own confidence, not out of revenge.

In fact, you should not have to worry about conforming to anyone’s standards.

However, working out and eating better can improve your mood and allow you to unleash the anger that you’ve built up on your spouse.

If you end up improving your body, your spouse may wind up feeling jealous, which is always a plus.

Cutting Off The Person

One toxic way to get revenge is to stalk the person’s social media or contact the person.

We understand why you may feel this way, but sometimes, the best revenge for cheating is to cut them off altogether.

Remove their number from your contacts. Block them on all social media. Do not give in to any urges to contact them.

Doing this is important for two reasons.

For one, it allows you to move on from the person and live your best life.

For another, if the person who cheated on you feels some remorse, they may feel even worse when they realize that you’ve blocked them on all accounts.

Do not even send them a final message. Simply block them now and see what happens.

Practicing Mindfulness

Another way for you to get your revenge for cheating is not to let it get to your head. When someone has cheated on you, you may regret the past and wonder what you did wrong.

However, by being more mindful, you can be in the present and not let those thoughts bother you.

Take a deep breath. If there are any thoughts of the cheater, let them pass by. If they keep persisting, look around your surroundings.

Observe everything going on around you and inside you as well. Try these mindfulness exercises too.

Capturing the present moment can allow you to stop worrying about the past as much, and this is a good way for you to be on your way to recovering from a cheater.

Being On Good Terms With Their Friends

If you were friends with your cheater’s friends, this could be a way to get payback for cheating while keeping your mental health.

Having a strong social circle is essential for anyone’s mental health, and if you’ve been cheated on, there’s no reason for you to drop your friends.

In fact, befriend everyone you can. You may even be friends with the person they cheated on, especially if they didn’t know.

Making your cheater feel awkward is a subtle way to get revenge and one that can make you feel better as a result.

And Lastly, A More Extreme Measure

Maybe those previous advices didn’t quite scratch your itch and you still want payback, so what could you do?

First and foremost let’s get the obvious out of the way, what I’m about to say isn’t legal advice. But here it goes – You can file for a divorce if you no longer wish to go on with the relationship.

However, depending on your goals and where you live, you may need strong evidence to back your claims. So if the affair is still going on, the best way to go about this is to catch them in the act.

If you don’t know where to start with that or what to do, I recommend checking out this article which may help you with doing that.

The reason I’m even suggesting this is because depending on the outcome – and where you live – it can hurt the cheater both financially and socially.

Additionally, a divorce always beats other crazy things such as damaging their belongings or getting physical, because unlike those, you won’t go to jail afterward.

What Not to Do

Here are some things you should not do.

Sling Mud

It may feel good to broadcast this to the world. Telling the people close to you about cheating is one thing, but some people will go to great lengths to tell the world they’ve cheated.

From tagging everyone on social media to buying a billboard, this is a petty method, and it may feel nice.

However, it may end up just spreading toxicity, and once you’re over that high of getting revenge, it may be a regretful action.

Revenge Cheat

If the person who cheated on you is still currently in a relationship with you, you may be tempted to revenge cheat.

However, an eye for an eye is not a good way to look at getting revenge. It creates a cycle and rarely evens itself out.

Destroy Property

We’ve all heard songs of a person getting revenge on their cheater by destroying their car or something else they love.

However, you should not do this. As I mentioned, it’s illegal and can land you in big trouble.

It’s a fantasy that should stay a fantasy.

Final Thoughts

Cheating is awful to go through, but it’s important to have a clear head. Revenge cheating will only cause you to be petty and make you stoop down to their level.

Instead, try to live your best life and be happy without them. Get in shape, smile a lot, and live your life.

Usually, a cheater ends up at a dead end in life, anyway, and it’s not something you want to follow.

We hope you have the best life possible, even if it’s tough at the moment.

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