Husband Cheated? 3 Reasons Why Divorce May Be The Way To Go

by Maria MagleoDecember 1, 2021

There will always come a time where you will realize that marriages are not a paradise and that your husband is not always perfect.

Of course, all marriages go through hardships, but unfortunately, not all marriages are meant to last. 

You see, there is always a thin line that separates surviving and failing.

If your husband cheated, then you’re surely standing between that thin line. And it’s definitely a heartbreaking place to be in.

You’re probably unsure of whether to leave or to stay but here’s an important question you should ask yourself: 

Do you want to stay in survival mode for the rest of your life? Or will you allow yourself to fail now and have the possibility of being free from the pain and heartbreak afterward?

The bottom line is, divorce may sound emotionally and financially taxing, but it may be the best way for you to go. Here are some reasons why:

Therapy Might Not Cut It

I’m not here to break your heart even more but I’m not here to give you false hopes either. 

That being said, let me get straight to the point and put it out in the open – therapy doesn’t always work especially if one or both parties are not fully invested in it.

I understand that maybe you’re still hopeful and would like to see if therapy could help your failing marriage. It may work, of course, but you might want to reassess the situation first.

Remember, men think differently than women, and while you see therapy as a way to fix your marriage, your husband might think otherwise. They always have reasons, you see.

And even if they do decide to go with you to therapy, will they be willing to fully commit, admit to their mistakes, and open up about what caused them to engage in infidelity?

Cheating can happen due to a lot of reasons but it may also be a form of avoidance.

And, oftentimes, this avoidance can also affect not just the quality of the relationship, but the reactions to marital conflicts and adversities as well.

In other words, your husband likely decided to cheat on you because he probably already signed out of the marriage. If that wasn’t the case, he would have tried to fix the problem instead of cheating.

Therapy may work if both parties are willing and fully committed to mending what’s broken. It’s not enough to to attend the sessions, one must actually open up and change.

Sadly, if you are the only one who’s really trying, then you’re only going to be disappointed in the end.

If that’s the case, divorce may be the better option.

Dragging The Relationship On Is Emotionally Tiring

If you’re at the point where you’ve been cheated on and considering going to therapy (or are already going to therapy), can you even imagine yourself as happy as you once were?

Yes, you can try to drag or carry the relationship and hope for your husband to change, but would you be willing to take the risk of losing yourself in the process?

In the beginning, you may feel hopeful that your marriage can survive, but you may only end up being emotionally drained once you realize that it’s not an easy task.

Even more so if you’re not seeing any consistent improvement in your marriage nor feel any changes from your husband.

When this happens, you’ll only feel even more defeated and traumatized. You’ll carry this emotional baggage with you and may need therapy just for yourself in the future.

The Sooner You’re Done With It, The Better

You’re the one who got cheated on, which is a clear sign of a marriage going downhill. And although it’s not your fault, you’re the only one who can tell if it’s no longer serving you.

If you feel like your marriage is no longer going anywhere, then there is no more reason for you to stay. Staying in an unhappy and broken marriage is just prolonging the agony.

Think of it the same way if you have children. 

Your unhappiness and pain will definitely show no matter how much you try to hide it from them and it will hurt them more to be in a family that no longer feels like home.

The sooner you divorce to get it over with, the sooner you will achieve healing, not just for yourself, but for your children as well.

What to do about it?

Like I established previously, trying to fix a failing marriage is extremely depressing and emotionally draining, and pointlessly trying to fix it will only make things worse.

I could sit here and find thousands of ways to describe this awful experience, but you probably already know that all too well since you’re currently going through this crisis.

Letting go of this burden is ultimately up to you.

Finding a divorce lawyer is usually the first step in taking that path. Using search directories like this one can help make that easier.


Being cheated on brings a kind of pain that’s unexplainable and extremely hard to deal with. 

Although some marriages survive infidelity, divorce is sometimes the best option especially if the marriage is no longer fulfilling and if the wounds are too deep to heal.

No one deserves to spend their lives fighting for something they know will be in vain.

Everyone has the right to be happy, and that includes you.

So remember — the only person responsible for your happiness should be you.


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