How To Divorce An Unfaithful Husband You Love

by Maria MagleoAugust 5, 2022

Having to divorce an unfaithful husband you still love can be extremely painful.

Also, we all know that if we want a relationship to grow and prosper, love must be one of its basic foundations. After all, what’s the point of staying if you don’t love the person, right?

What some of us don’t know is that love shouldn’t be the only thing controlling the relationship. Love may be a positive emotion, but it doesn’t always mean you’re happy.

What if love just chains you to your misery and never-ending heartbreaks? When will you say that enough is enough?

Your husband was unfaithful to you and your marriage is no longer a source of happiness and genuine love. These are the facts, and so now, it’s time to face the truth.

You may still love your husband, but he is no longer the man you married.

So, if you’re on your way to getting a divorce (whether it’s your choice or not), it may be for the best.

Divorce Is Hard As It Is, Love Makes It Harder

Divorce doesn’t sound like a good idea, right? Just saying the word may cause pain.

But let me tell you this – divorce may be the end of your marriage, but it will also surely be a fresh start for you. A new chance at love, happiness, and maybe a real happy ending.

Of course, you didn’t marry your husband thinking about divorcing him, but in your current situation, love won’t save your marriage. You’re way past that.

Because the sad truth is, love is not always enough. And staying just because you love him will only make you a prisoner and a slave to an unhealthy and failing marriage.

You may not feel it now because you’re still probably blinded by love, but soon enough, you will feel its burden and you will only end up feeling miserable and unhappy.

Love is complicated but your happiness doesn’t have to be.

How To Get Over The Love

So, now, maybe you’re wondering – “how do you unlove someone, and is it even possible?”

Some would say yes. Some would say no. But I believe that it’s entirely up to you.

And, if I’m being honest, it’s not about unloving the person but more about the willingness to get over the pain and letting go of what’s causing it.

It’s about seeing your husband for who he really is and refusing to make excuses for his bad behavior and wrongdoings.

It’s about truly knowing your worth and refusing to accept anything less than that. You have your own power and it shouldn’t come from your husband or your love for him.

In other words, if you want to get over him, face your reality as it’s and accept it. You’re not alone in this battle because a lot of people will genuinely support you.

Now, here’s my answer, you may not be able to unlove him, but you can get over him by loving yourself more. 

Always choose to heal because you deserve it and happiness is still out there waiting for you. It’s never too late.

What You’ll Need For It

If you’re now ready to let go of the past and hold on to the future, you must remember that divorce is not easy and there are a lot of preparations to make.

Of course, you need to prepare your finances and documents and look for a good lawyer who will surely fight for you when necessary.

If you’re interested in more tips and things you should do before a divorce, you can click here to read more about it.

You also have to prepare yourself and your kids (if you have any) because it will take a toll on you emotionally. Seek support from family and close friends because you will need it.

You can even opt for therapy. With it, you may be able to heal your emotional wounds faster.

If you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

Bottom line is, divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing, but the possibility of being free from a toxic marriage and an unfaithful husband is definitely worth it.


The idea of having to divorce your unfaithful husband whom you still love is truly painful, but sometimes, it’s what’s best for you and your well-being.

After all, love is not always enough especially if respect, honesty, loyalty, and commitment are no longer present in your marriage.

And although right now it seems impossible to get over him, you can do it as long as you’re willing to take a chance at new beginnings.

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