Do Nurses Cheat At Work Or Am I Being Paranoid?

by Daphne GarrettMay 3, 2022

When we think of nurses, we assume they’re people who work long hours and help take care of people being sick. So we never ask whether or not nurses cheat at work.

But did you know that they’re also some of the most likely to have affairs?

The concept of nurses cheating is something a lot of people don’t necessarily think about, but it does happen.

So do nurses cheat at work?

If you’re paranoid about whether your partner is cheating and they’re a nurse, read on as we discuss whether nurses do or if it’s pure paranoia.

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The Most Likely To Cheat

It’s not necessarily wrong.  Nurses are some of the most likely to cheat.

Why is that? They usually work long hours, typically don’t work near the home, and oftentimes are the third most likely to cheat when compared to other jobs.

According to a poll of about 5000 women, 2/3 of women in these professions cheat at work. They are right next to businesswomen as well when it comes to professionals that cheat.

They often use “working late” as an excuse to do their dirt. If you suspect your partner of cheating, here’s 3 things you can do to catch them.

Why Is That?

The reason is pretty obvious, and it’s also why so many in the healthcare profession do the same.

Doctors will work long hours, so they have the perfect excuse for when they’re “hard to get ahold of.” They also work with staff and patients very closely, which kind of breeds that doctor/patient relationship in some cases.

There is also the fact that sometimes nurses will work overnight with doctors, so if they can also use that excuse not to be home at any point in time.

There is also the stress of the medical field. It’s very emotionally and physically stressful. As a result, many people feel overwhelmed, so they might not make the brightest decisions or the most logical.

Nurses, doctors, or anyone within the medical profession deal with demanding work. But, unfortunately, these non-medical people may not understand the demands.

Sometimes nurses will do this to fill the voids in life since they’re so stressed typically about what they should be doing that they might decide to do this.

Plus, if you look at it, it’s probably the reason why doctors are typically divorced or single men.

It’s probably because they either got caught or continue to get away with cheating while in the workplace.

What Does It Mean For You?

Does it mean that your nurse partner is going to automatically cheat on you at work?

Not necessarily. Not every person is like this, but instead, some people show different signs that signify they’re cheating.

If your partner is acting strange and not telling you things, makes up lies and excuses as to why they’re not coming home early, it might be a sign that your gut feeling is correct and that cheating may be a problem in your relationship.

But it isn’t always the case. Assuming that every single person is a cheater is not a healthy mindset.

However, if you start to find some strange stuff on their phones, such as Seeking Arrangements ads and such, it might be a sign that there is something else going on there.

It doesn’t always signify a death wish on your marriage, but it’s essential to make sure that you do factor that in if you find some strange behaviors happening with your partner.

Signs Of Cheating

There are a few signs of cheating, especially in the workplace that you can watch out for.

For starters, see when they’re getting home. Is it later or are they getting home at a normal time? Usually, if there are signs of cheating, it’s a sudden change in when they’re getting home. 

There is also if they get home at all. Sometimes, they might not show up at home, period, under the guise of late hours at the office, especially if they don’t let you know about it.

In point #3 of another article, it is mentioned that one of the best ways to catch a cheater in those situations is to simply drop by unannounced. If you want to learn about other clever ways you can catch her red-handed, you can read more about it here.

The number one sign of cheating though is looking at their phone, however.

Why is that? Chances are they’re waiting for a text or two, and most of the time, if they get it, they want to hide it. They get incredibly defensive over their phone, to the point where the behavior seems odd.

Sometimes, there may not be other signs in the relationship other than this one, so this can be something to look out for.

Another sign is if they are using incognito tabs a lot, or maybe something odd in their internet search history. Often, they forget to clear something or another, whether it be an email or a text.

While it isn’t necessarily right, there’s also the fact that they’re cheating on you to consider, and you should always consider this.

While the nurse profession is a little more specific, if you’re worried your spouse is cheating, here are 5 signs they may be.

When you do find them doing this, you can do the following:

  • Gather evidence
  • Confront them on the cheating
  • Get their side of the story
  • Figure out what to do from there

In many cases, the person they’re cheating with is a coworker, whether a doctor or a fellow nurse. However, in some cases, if you notice that they’re strangely spending more time at the office due to a new patient, there is always a chance that there might be cheating involved.

If you need to confirm it, we have an article with 3 expert-level tips on how to catch cheaters effectively, which you can check out here.

Don’t Jump The Gun Though

Many nurses tend to work long hours, and people mistakenly jump the gun when it comes to what they’re really doing. In that case, you should gather your evidence and look at your gut feeling.

Don’t be afraid to trust it if you feel it’s valid too.

Many people have gut feelings, and they might wonder if nurses do cheat at work. While not every nurse does this, it can happen if you’re not careful in a lot of cases. It is more common than you think, though.

It isn’t just a stereotype, either. Due to the long hours and arduous strain, it can happen, so keep that in mind when wondering where they are.

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