Can Therapy Stop Your Fear Of Getting Cheated On?

by Worried LoversMay 7, 2021

When it comes to the fear of getting cheated on, oftentimes, our gut feeling is correct. However, there are extreme cases in which one may be overly paranoid.

This type of fear may derive from past trauma and is quite difficult to get over, especially if you’re involved with someone who cheated in the past.

A sign your paranoia may be unhealthy is if you constantly accuse your partner of cheating without evidence. In fact, your partner may even show signs of innocence, yet those signs may be ignored.

These constant accusations can really damage your relationship/marriage and cause your partner to separate. Seeking outside help can be beneficial for both you and your relationship.

How Therapy May Help With Your Fear Of Infidelity

The constant fear of anything is no good. Especially if it’s affecting your mental health. Most people may choose to discuss these matters with friends or family. However, that may not be the best choice.

If you’re constantly telling others that you think your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you, that’s a sure way to get him canceled and disliked by your close ones.

That alone can be terrible for your relationship.

In addition, you might unknowingly bring up the subject way too often, which is typical of paranoid individuals. This can lead others to judge not only you, but your spouse as well.

Lastly, your friends and family are not likely to possess the skills required to help with such a delicate situation. Though it’s important to have a good support system, it may not effectively treat your paranoia.

That’s where therapy can come in.

How Therapy Helps With Fear Of Getting Cheated On

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your therapist is likely to provide different solutions depending on the severity of your fear.

However, the goal of therapy when it comes to paranoia is to help minimize it. This is done by teaching communication, relaxation, and mindfulness techniques.

In extreme cases, medication may be required to help assist in your recovery.

Is Paranoia Therapy Right For You?

If you experience any of the following, therapy should be considered:

  • You constantly make accusations of cheating without evidence.
  • Your fear of being cheated on is pushing your partner away.
  • Your fear is causing overwhelming stress & anxiety.

Does Therapy Actually Work?

There are different kinds of therapies available to those who have an irrational fear of something. (In this case, cheating.)

According to research, many of these therapies have proven to be effective.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to work. Therapy requires participation from both you and your therapist. So its effectiveness can only be as great as your effort.

Where To Find A Good Therapist

Ideally, you’ll want a therapist who has the skills necessary to help deal with the fear of getting cheated on. Remember, therapists may be good in one field but lacking in another. 

A local option is also ideal if you want to be in the same room as your therapist. However, that will greatly limit your options. 

As you know, the more options to choose from, the more likely it is you’ll find therapists with the training to help you. Another benefit to having more options is you’re more likely to find a therapist you actually like.

In the case of phobias, you may be reluctant to trust a therapist. So having more options may help with the availability of one you can trust.

We recommend using online solutions like Better Help. Not only do they have qualified professionals to help you with your fear of infidelity, but they also have a large selection of therapists to choose from. 

We encourage you to look at their options and shop around—no need to settle for the first one you choose. If you don’t like or trust your first pick, you can go with another.


Nobody likes to be constantly accused of something they’re innocent of. This destroys marriages, relationships, and even families.

If you see that your fear has no evidence to prove your partner cheated, seeking outside help is a good option. And if you think you won’t like or trust your therapist, you never know unless you try.


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