Can Therapy Help You Stop Cheating?

by Worried LoversMay 10, 2021

If you’re reading this, you probably have a case of cheater’s guilt. Or maybe you’re someone who’s been cheated on, and you want your partner to stop cheating.

The good news is, there’s help in either case.

In this article, we’ll discuss how therapy can help you stop cheating, when you should consider it, and where to find a therapist that’s right for you.

Why Therapy May Be A Good Option For Cheaters

The guilt that comes along with cheating is mostly a good thing. It shows your empathy for others. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing it again.

That’s because the act of cheating can stem from many different things. It ranges anywhere from past traumas to specific issues with your relationship, such as boredom.

It’s important to find the root cause and address the issue at hand.

Therapy can help you get to the bottom of it. In addition, it offers an outlet for cheaters to speak about their behavior without being shamed for it.

Speaking to family or friends about your cheating habits is a quick ticket to getting ousted as someone untrustworthy.

It also invites gossip about your relationship, which may only make things worse.

Should You Consider Therapy For Cheating?

If you meet any of the following criteria, therapy should be considered if you’re a:

  • Individual looking to stop cheating
  • Serial cheater seeking recovery
  • Cheater seeking forgiveness
  • Couple looking to heal from infidelity

Does Therapy For Cheaters Actually Work?

Dr. Solomon says:

“There is a greater likelihood that a cheater will not cheat again if they do the work to find out why they cheated, recognize the gravity of their actions, and then take the responsibility and time to heal that part of themselves.”

– Psychologist Alexandra Solomon, PhD

Essentially, therapy can be effective for cheaters who are actually looking to change.

“What if I’m the one who got cheated on?”

Therapists incorporate a wide range of solutions to help couples that want to remain together. Part of it may include individual therapy for the person who cheated on you.

Where To Find A Good Therapist

Ideally, you’ll want a therapist who has the skill necessary to help in dealing with a cheater. Remember, therapists may be good in one field and be lacking in another. 

A local option is also ideal if you want to be in the same room as your therapist. However, that will greatly limit your options. 

As you know, the more options to choose from, the more likely it is you’ll find therapists with the training to help you. Another benefit to having more options is you’re more likely to find a therapist you actually like.

We recommend using online solutions like Better Help. Not only do they have qualified professionals to help you with your relationship problems, but they also have a large selection of therapists to choose from. 

We encourage you to look at their options and shop around—no need to settle for the first one you choose. If you don’t like your first pick, you can go with another.


If you’re a cheater that wants to stop cheating, therapy can help and is certainly something to consider. But be sure to go in with an open mind. And remember, you never know unless you try.


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