Can Therapy Help Save Your Relationship?

by Worried LoversMay 20, 2021

Seeking outside help with your relationship is no easy task. Considering that many people do not posses the skills needed for it, it’s difficult to find effective help.

This may lead you to start looking for solutions online. However, some cases need outside intervention to help assist with your relationship’s recovery.

That’s where therapy comes in.

How Therapy May Help Save Your Marriage

Dealing with relationship issues on your own can be effective. However, there may be things you and your partner are simply unaware of.

Asking friends and family for advice is one way to help with this, but we’re human, and that means we may be giving them a bias perspective on certain matters.

As you know, bias input = bias output. Couple that with a lack of proper training, the advice will likely be ineffective.

Therapy Can Help Get To The Route Of Your Problems

The reason why therapy can be more effective is because there’s more honesty involved.

A good therapist can create a setting where communication is not only more effective, but more honest as well. This helps give the therapist an unbias perspective during a live setting.

In addition, a good therapist can help improve the problems in your relationship. They do this by teaching both of you the skills needed to combat them, while being as unbiased as possible.

Since there’s little to no history with you and your therapist, they’re unlikely to “pick a team” like your family or friends would.

When To Consider Couples Therapy

If you find that your marriage or relationship is experiencing any of the following:

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Feeling bored or alone in your marriage
  • Feeling distant from your partner
  • Communication issues
  • Considering a breakup
  • Repeated arguments
  • Past traumas affecting your present relationship

It may be time to seek couples therapy.

“Does Couples Therapy Actually Work?”

According to some research, couples therapy can be effective. However, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to work. Every marriage is different. Some don’t want to put in the effort needed, while others are willing to go the distance.

But it also depends on what you define as “work.” Staying together doesn’t always mean therapy was a success. Remember, you can stay together and still be miserable. 

Sometimes, the best choice is to separate. And therapy can help couples realize that.

“What If My Partner Doesn’t Want It?”

If your spouse doesn’t want to try therapy, it’s still worth it to try individual therapy, especially if you’re going through things in your relationship that have caused you any trauma.

Unfortunately, if your spouse doesn’t want to give it a chance, and you can’t talk them into it, then at least give yourself a shot.

The insight you gain can be invaluable even in regards to your marriage.

Where To Find A Good Couples Therapist

Ideally, you’ll want a therapist who has the skill necessary to help in dealing with couples issues. Remember, therapists may be good in one field and be lacking in another. 

A local option is also ideal if you want to be in the same room as your therapist. However, that will greatly limit your options. 

As you know, the more options to choose from, the more likely it is you’ll find therapists with the training to help you. Another benefit to having more options is you’re also more likely to find a therapist you actually like.

We recommend using online solutions like Better Help. Not only do they have qualified professionals to help you with your relationship problems, but they also have a large selection of therapists to choose from. 

We encourage you to take a look at their options and shop around. No need to settle for the first one you choose. If you don’t like your first pick, you can go with another.


Many people are skeptical of couples therapy, and you might be one of them. But there’s no denying the studies that have shown it can be an effective means of helping to solve marriage problems.

The choice is ultimately up to you and your partner, but you’ll never know unless you try.


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