9 Things Cheaters Do With Their Phones To Cover Their Tracks

by Khryss AustriaJune 30, 2022

No matter how well cheaters try to hide things on their phones, they always leave clues behind.

Cheaters usually have common things they do with their phones to cover their tracks and leave you unaware of their activities. 

And if you’re worried that your partner may be unfaithful to you, it’s always a good call to check on their mobile use. 

And I have just the list of the tell-tale signs you should keep an eye on.

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1. Cheaters tend to be overprotective of their phones.

This is probably the very first sign that could alert you and welcome doubts. For example, a cheater may spend more time on their phone. 

Not only that, but he may also seem to be guarding it against you. It’s as if they can’t leave the phone unattended any time of the day, even when they’re taking a shower! 

A cheating partner may also be uncomfortable leaving their phone anywhere in the house, especially near you. It’s constantly with them to minimize the chances of getting caught.

2. They change passwords often.

With the rise of technological security issues, it’s common for us to protect our phones with passwords. Everyone does it! 

Some people are more private than others, and if you have established the rule of not sharing each other’s passwords in the relationship, that’s fine. 

Others don’t even feel the need to put a password on their devices at all, and that’s okay too. 

If so far your partner’s among the latter yet suddenly puts up a mobile code and won’t share them with you. This could be a major red flag. 

This is especially true if they can’t seem to pinpoint an acceptable explanation for this action. 

If you’re the type who feels more secure knowing your partner’s codes and vice versa, yet they suddenly change all of their passwords so you can’t gain access to them, it could be rather suspicious as well.

3. They leave no trace of calls and messages.

This is probably the most logical and common thing cheaters do with their phones to cover their tracks. What about just deleting them altogether and leaving no trace, right? 

Unfortunately for them, this looks quite odd on the other partner’s end. Who in the world deletes all calls and texts? 

I have never met a person who has no history of messages or calls logged on their devices. But cheaters typically do this to remove any trails and, therefore, leave their partners with no evidence on their claims. 

This ultimately calls for a reason to get worried as this behavior isn’t usually of someone who has nothing to hide.

4. Cheaters usually have a second phone or SIM card.

Cheaters who find themselves clever have a second phone in hand or a second SIM card specifically to use in their unfaithful escapades. 

It’s likely their way of compartmentalizing their dual lives- one with you and the other with their lover. 

That way, there’d be lesser chances to slip up and contact the wrong person by mistake. 

If you have a gut feeling that your partner’s cheating on you, try to look for a second phone or see if there’s an extra SIM card lying around. 

There’s no way you can track their activities on the other phone, but the fact that it exists and they withheld that information from you is enough to raise doubts.

5. Cheaters spend excessive time on social media.

First and foremost, any excessive amount of time on these platforms is alarming in itself. 

But what’s more worrying are the things your partner does when they’re on them. 

According to point #2 of another article from our website, cheaters tend to have other social media accounts they use to talk to their lovers.

That article also goes over some other signs and even ways of catching a cheater red-handed, so definitely worth checking out. You can read it here.

If you happen to encounter anything that bothers you, it may be time to confront them about it.

6. They have unusual names on their contact list.

Some cheaters tend to like to hide in plain sight. Sometimes, they don’t take drastic measures and would keep things on the low. 

However, they would need to keep in touch with their lover regardless. 

And so, they’re likely to store the lover’s number under an alias in their mobile phone address book. This usually comes in initials or codes. 

If you find names you don’t recognize in their contacts, it’s alright to ask your partner right away for their names. Just be sure not to say it as an attack or accusation. 

Another thing you can do is to look at the contact history and see how frequently they call or message each other. Also, take into account the time they communicate.

7. They don’t save their lover’s number at all.

This is also another option for people with love affairs. But, unfortunately, they simply don’t save the number of their lover.

No sane cheater would save their lover’s number on their phone because cheaters know better than to generate proof against themselves.

That way, it’d be more difficult for you to notice, and it’s easier to deny any allegations. 

But, if you think about it, have they constantly been receiving calls or texts from an unknown number?

Or are they avoiding the call when you’re around or end it abruptly when you enter the room? 

These are bad signs. There’s no reason for your partner not to save the phone number or someone he regularly contacts- unless he’s trying to hide something.

8. Cheaters try to hide their phone usage in front of their partners.

Has your partner been constantly whispering when taking calls on their phone? 

Do they hide, sneak off, or lock themselves in the bathroom when they talk or even just sends messages? 

Not to mention if you happen to interrupt them or ask about it, do they get angry or end the call right away? 

When having a secret affair, of course, your partner doesn’t want you to hear any of these conversations. They need to put you in a blind spot. 

But to be fair, this may also come from a good motive like planning a surprise for you. 

Keep in mind that this could be because he’s brewing something special, and the behavior shouldn’t continue after such an event.

9. They make it a habit to turn off their phones.

We usually turn off our phones when in an important meeting or talk. 

However, cheaters tend to do this all the time to prevent you from contacting them when they’re away and their lovers from reaching them when you’re together. 

How often does your partner turn off their phone and leave it unattended? 

This could be a sign that he’s avoiding you when he’s busy doing some monkey business. On the other hand, it could also signal that he’s not leaving any space for mistakes.


Each one of these signs alone does not guarantee the occurrence of cheating.

However, if you notice your partner is displaying 3 or more of these signs, then it is definitely time to look into it to confirm your suspicions.

If that’s the case, then you should look for more signs and even ways of catching them.

But if you don’t know how to do that, I recommend checking out these 3 proven ways of finding out cheating.

And Remember:

“Lies have short legs”

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