Why Do Men Cheat? Here Are 7 Reasons

Published by: Joanne Rogers  Date: Jan. 2nd, 2021

While everyone has their own reason for cheating, there are common reasons why they do. In this brief article, we'll discuss why men tend to cheat. This information is backed by self-reported data.

One thing I need to note before we move ahead is that many of these reasons are unjustifiable. So don't mistake this reporting for an endorsement of this behavior.

1. Lack of "Intimacy"

This could mean anything from kissing to more sexual activity. It's normal for every relationship to decline in intimacy overtime, especially in a long term marriage. 

There are many reasons why this could be the case and it's probably not even your fault. But many men have admitted this to be the #1 reason why they seek another woman (or man) on the side.

If you think this could be a reason why he'd cheat on you, you can get some tips on how to catch him here.

2. Their Spouse Is Not As Attractive As They Used To Be

While this is one of the most disgusting reasons why one would cheat, unfortunately, it's a common one that's been reported.

This is particularly true for shallow men. Thing is, we're all going to get less attractive as we age. So this would be outside of your control no matter what. You can always prolong it by staying healthy and exercising.

But I say it's better to avoid selecting a spouse who is more focused on your looks rather than your personality.

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3. Hypersexuality

While it's not something most people can admit to, it's a real thing. Just like anything else that releases dopamine through the body, sex can become an addiction for both men and women. 

And if you aren't there to satisfy that urge, or if you don't want to at the moment, they'll find someone else to do it with.

Who it's with doesn't matter in the mind of a sex addict. They just need the release. That's why there are many other ways they cope with this sort of thing. However, some just can't replace the feeling of being with another human.

4. They Want To Check Out Of The Relationship

This one could be a little difficult to grasp, but some men are needy for affection. They don't want to leave a relationship unless they already have another one lined up.

If they feel like the spark has died out in the marriage, they don't want to risk feeling lonely when the separation happens. So instead, they find another while you 2 are still together.

If you feel that your husband or boyfriend is losing interest, there's a slight chance he could be cheating. Here are some methods you can use to find out.

5. To Satisfy Their Own Ego

If your husband feels insecure about himself, he'll seek validation.

Cheating is one way men do this. If they can see that other women still want them, it gives them a slight ego boost. That's enough of a reason for some men.

There's a lot of reasons why men could become insecure about themselves but again, don't take this is as a justifiable reason for cheating.

6. To Get Revenge

While many men consider women to be petty, they can be so just as often.

They'll use another woman to get back at you for something you probably did a couple years ago.

That something could be anything from finding out that maybe you cheated in the past, to something they found plain ol' "disrespectful."

You may want to use these tips to confirm your suspicions if you feel like this could be a reason why he's cheating.

7. Immaturity

You can boil most infidelity down to this reason alone. Cheating in and of itself is an immature act, no matter the reason. 

So if you find that your husband or boyfriend is immature, it's likely that he possesses the capability to cheat.

How to catch a cheater

There are many methods you can utilize to help prove if he's cheating or not. That's why I've written an article on the top 3 ways you can find below:

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- Joanne Rogers,
Relationship Expert

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