5 Signs Your Husband Could Be Cheating

by Joanne RogersApril 11, 2022

Infidelity is one of the most challenging problems that can rise up in marriage. However, there are no definitive clues to a husband having an affair. Your partner could be on a business trip or on a trip with his mistress. He could be working late or cheating on you. This is why looking out for signs husbands show when cheating, is extremely important.

We already went over why men cheat, below are 5 subtle signs that your husband is cheating:

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1. Abrupt behavioral or character change

An unusual change in character of your husband, is a clear warning sign that he may be having an affair. These may include:

  • When your husband secretly sneaks out of the bed at night or sleeps with his cell phone by his side.
  • When your husband no longer wears his wedding ring, and when questioned about it, gives lame excuses.
  • When your husband acts too nice or too harsh towards you more than usual.
  • When he suddenly changes his usual routine. This may include unusual business trips yet you can’t reach him over the phone during that trip.
  • When your husband starts to flirt with other women in which he never did in the past.
  • When his friends start avoiding or acting uncomfortable around you. Overtime, research has shown that your husband’s friends always know when your husband is cheating hence the unusual change in behavior.
  • When you find lipstick on your husband’s shirt. This is always a classic clue that your husband is cheating.
  • When he insists that you visit your parents or friends as if he is chasing you away.
  • When he arrives home late with vague excuses as to why he was late.
  • When you have to continuously ask about another woman and he always responds with “we are just friends”.

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2. Different sex life

  • When your husband is no longer interested in sex, this is a very good sign he may be cheating.
  • Alternatively, when your spouse shows off new skills in the bedroom. (Your spouse could have learned this from the person he is having an affair with.)

3. Another woman’s scent

  • When your husband comes home smelling like a different perfume, especially that of the opposite sex than he had in the morning, this should always raise a red flag.
  • When your husband heads straight into the shower when they arrive home yet he has a white collar job. This happens in order to wash off the after sex smell or a different perfume that you may recognize.
  • When he suddenly changes his cologne that they have been using for years, this could mean that his mistress loves that smell.

4. Different phone mannerisms

  • When your husband changes or refuses to give you his or her phone password. This definitely means he is hiding something. (Maybe his texts with his mistress.)
  • When your husband purchases a new cell phone and keeps it a secret. Unless he works for a secret government body, this definitely means he is cheating.
  • When he switches off his cell phone at home or ignores certain calls with the excuse that he doesn’t want to be disturbed when with you.

5. Birth control that hasn’t been used before

  • When you find used condoms in your house or your husband’s car yet you haven’t had sex with him.
  • Alternatively, if you 2 have always had protected sex and all of a sudden he doesn’t want to, this could mean he has come to love “raw” sex with his mistress. And now he wants to try it with you.

These are just some signs

Don’t assume he’s cheating based on these signs. You’ll need hard evidence. You can start by reading our article on how to catch him.

You can read that here. It’s very short.

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