10 Trust Issue Quotes For May, 2021

by Daphne GarrettMay 22, 2021

Trust issues can be hard for many people to deal with, but you’ll have an easier time understanding the importance of trusting someone with these quotes.

The following quotes can help you better understand your trust issues and help you understand the value of trust.

1. It’s All About Independence

Quotes for people with Trust Issues 1: When people treat you like an option, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation.

This is hard, but sometimes, taking yourself out of the picture is the best option for you.

Remember, you don’t have to be hurt, and sometimes leaving is the best option since it pulls you away from those toxic people and can open the door to new possibilities.

2. Can’t Love Someone You Don’t Trust

Quotes for people with Trust Issues 2: Trust is more valuable than love because you can't love someone don't trust.

While love is a big part of every relationship, if there’s no trust, you won’t’ get far.

This is true of any relationship. In order to stick together, you need to trust in one another.

That’s why, when weighing the two against each other, trust is precious and will help you overcome all of the problems you may have as well.

3. The Precursor To Love

Quotes for people with Trust Issues 3:A relationship without trust is like having a cell phone with no service.

The technology jabs aside; this is a good quote because trust needs to be there for the relationship to thrive. It’s not going to be work if you’re with someone you don’t wholly trust.

That’s why, if you have trust issues, learning to find someone that helps you overcome that is incredibly valuable.

4. Trust’s Fickleness

Quotes for people with Trust Issues 4: Trust. Some will never learn, it’s quickly given, easily broken, harder to learn.

This is all very true about trust. Some of us give it too quickly, and it gets broken super easily.

For those with trust issues, it’s hard to learn trust again, whether it be trusting a person or otherwise.

Trust in a nutshell is this, and that’s why, if you do suffer from trust issues, chances are it’s because of all of these factors, which is why if you have trust issues, you need to work through them to learn.

5. The Basis Of A Relationship

Here’s a hard truth: if you don’t have trust, you have no relationship.

Distrust will make you wary of every move, and if you don’t trust your partner, you won’t’ have a strong relationship.

Plenty of people need to come to terms with this since they think something is happening many times. But if he or she doesn’t make you trust them, they’re not the one.

6. Can’t Get Something For Nothing

Don’t expect your partner to trust you when you are behaving in a very suspicious manner.

In the same vein, if you’re acting strange, don’t expect people to trust you.

This isn’t just relationships, but with virtually everything.

Acting suspicious will make people quick not to trust you. And this does include even if you’re not doing anything wrong.

The simple answer is that if you’re acting suspicious, or maybe they are, there is a strong chance of distrust between both parties.

7. Important Life Lesson

Trust is earned, and not given.

In the same vein, if you have trust issues, it’s probably because trust is not something automatically given just because both of you are together.

It’s something earned, and you don’t have to give anyone anything if you don’t want to. If you don’t feel the person has earned your trust, then don’t give it to that person.

That’s because nobody owes you anything, and this includes trust and loyalty as well.

8. Relationship Goals

Relationship goals should involve communication, companionship, and trust.

This quote is great for people with all degrees of trust issues. If you want to have a good, healthy relationship, you must have trust. That’s because, without trust, you two will struggle. 

A relationship does require communication along with trust. If you two can’t communicate, you won’t have trust. In the same vein, if you have good companionship, you two will trust each other.

You should stive, even if you have trust issues, to consider all of these whenever possible.

9. The Reason Why Trust Issues Exist

The reason why you can’t trust is because someone broke the promise of trusting and now you regret trusting others.

This is a huge problem for many people, and it’s ultimately the reason why you struggle to truly open up to people.

If you have issues with promises, it’s probably because of this, so don’t be afraid to come to terms with this, since it’s probably why you struggle with trust issues after all of this time.

10. Innocent People And Misplaced Trust

innocent and nice people get hurt in life easier because they trust the WRONG people.

Another reason why you have trust issues is because you trust the wrong kinds.

Those that pretend to be nice and then stab you in the back, those that will do everything possible to screw you over, this is all way too common when it comes to trust.

Many people can come to terms with this when they realize why they struggle with trust because of their accumulations of trusting the wrong types.

While it isn’t easy to truly open up, learning to do so can help you.

And there you have it, 10 quotes to help those with trust issues. However, you should definitely talk to someone if the trust issues become more and more unfounded with time. 

While trust is hard to get back, learning to open up and trust again is possible. It takes time and effort, but once you do, you’ll be able to grow as a person and be stronger than ever as well.

Quotes for people with Trust Issues


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