10 Moving On Quotes For May 2021

by Daphne GarrettMay 29, 2021

Getting over someone is hard. You might try everything to do so. You may not know where to begin, but here are 10 helpful moving on quotes for May 2021, especially if you’re missing them a lot.

Of course, this also applies to getting over someone after a breakup and after you’ve been disrespected one too many times.

1. Taking It Easy

Sometimes you feel like you’re about to explode. Missing someone can make you overthink. It won’t make you happy, though. So sometimes you need to let it go, even if you do miss them a lot.

2. A Meme For Moving On With Self-Respect

This quote for getting over someone is good if you miss someone and feel like they don’t care. You don’t need to tell them how much you miss them if they don’t care. Instead, give yourself some self-respect, and do your own thing.

Self-respect is something that you need to learn, and if they’re not ready to respect you, you should decide not to let them in your life.

3. Let Things Happen Naturally

"If you fall for someone, don't distance yourself. Let them fall in love too."

If you’re constantly pining and missing someone, telling them a lot doesn’t make them feel good. 

Let yourself show, and don’t be afraid to work on yourself. Sure, you’ll miss them, but you should let them fall for the “you” that you put forward as well.

If you are getting over someone, you might get sucked in, but it’s okay. Sometimes understanding how you feel can help you distance and look away.

4. The Truest Of “Getting Over Someone” Quotes

If you miss someone and they don’t deserve you, you need to learn fortitude to let it go.

However, if you are willing to wait for the right person you deserve, it will change your life. Building this mental fortitude now will make life even more amazing for you.

5. Missing Someone You Loved

This moving on quote is all about missing.

Missing is a much heavier emotion than love. However, missing is powerful, and it can make you feel overwhelmed. Some people believe love is the strongest emotion, but it’s not. Sometimes it’s missing them.

Even if they’ve been cheated on, they can still miss them immensely, and those feelings can be harder than the feelings of love.

6. Another Quote For Those Missing Someone

For many of us, we miss people. Even if we have trust issues due to cheating, we think about them a lot. Sometimes when we close our eyes, we see them since that’s the ideal image of them.

However, when we open them, we can miss them too. Picturing someone in your mind can help offset the feelings of missing someone and make you stronger in the process.

7. A Moving On Quote About The Value Of Love

Sometimes, the revelation that the other person isn’t as amazing as you thought comes around when you let go of someone. When you miss them, you realize it was the love that made them something you missed, but at their core, they were just a person. This can help you realize that love is a powerful thing, and when you miss them, you miss the love rather than the person there.

8. Longing For That Special Somebody

As a meme for overcoming someone, this couldn’t be truer! If the person isn’t with you, it can hurt, and those thoughts are there in your heart.

But, they will always be there no matter what, and even if you miss them, think about them, and know that they are there, and those memories will stand by your side forever, no matter what.”

9. One Phrase For When You Long for That Special Somebody

This means that no matter the reason for you to miss someone, you will feel that longing. This is a feeling of familiarity and a longing for the other individual in your head and can’t get enough of.

That’s okay, but recognizing the longing feeling is good for understanding your feelings as well.

10. Trying To Forget Someone You Valued A Lot

With relationships, if they gave you a lot and shaped you into the person you are today, losing them is hard to handle.

It’s tough to forget someone who gave you these good feelings that helped you remember many things.  When you have many reminders, the smallest things might remind you of them, which is why it’s hard to forget people.

While it can be a challenge, learning to overcome the adversity and those feelings can help you move forward.

Missing someone is hard, whether it be losing them through a breakup, through death and loss, or some other reason. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s hard to get over them.

However, these moving on quotes can help you dive into those feelings, allowing you to understand better how you feel and help you get over someone while you do other things.

While getting over someone takes time, you should definitely look at the feelings this conveys to you and learn to get help. Whether you are trying to get over and be a better person after being hurt or getting over a breakup, know that you’re not alone.

These quotes will help you get over the worst that you feel, and I hope that, no matter what, you’ll feel better too.


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